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Preventive Medicine

Section 3: Experiences 


  • Required: state and local health department, clinical prevention program, state Medicaid program, academic medical center

  • Elective: community health center, health maintenance organization, correctional facility, community-based organization, work sites/occupational medicine program, long term care facility, school-based clinics and programs, state legislature, state health care associations

Strategies (substantive work in at least two areas is required): public, small group or individual education or behavioral change; delivery of preventive services in primary care; policy development and implementation; surveillance, epidemiological investigation and disease control, community needs assessment

Populations (substantive work with a least one special population is required): minorities, women, adolescents, children, elderly, poor, homeless, inmates, refugees

Content (substantive work in at least two unrelated areas and some experience with at least two others are required): smoking cessation, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, nutrition education and diet modification, exercise promotion, stress reduction, injury and accident prevention, cancer prevention and control, risk reduction for cardiovascular diseases, secondary and tertiary prevention for chronic diseases, childhood immunization, disease screening efficacy, infectious disease control and prevention, improving access to primary and preventive care, environmental and occupational risk assessment, prenatal care, prevention of domestic violence, family planning