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Medical Student Programs

Fourth Year Electives

Type B Electives 

Rural Family Medicine 
Martha's Vineyard
 & Island Health
Course:  FC-419
Work closely with a family physician in rural practice. Learn about the challenges faced by physicians working geographically distant from tertiary care. Be involved in office practice, inpatient and nursing home admissions/rounds, as well as home visits.  Opportunities are available to work with community based programs, nurse midwives and integrative health providers. The hospital will provide room and board. Available October through May only.  For further information, please visit the Rural Health Scholars Program.
Coordinators: Joseph Stenger, M.D.
Suzanne Cashman, ScD 

International Medicine
Course:  FC-405
Expose students to health problems and health systems of both underdeveloped and developing countries while providing care to indigenous populations.  Dr. Godkin will work with you to match a site, help you plan and prepare for your rotation.  Locations include Central and South America, India, E. Asia and Europe.
Coordinator: Mick Godkin, PhD 

Indian Health Service
Course:  FC-406
Expose students to patient care with the I.H.S.  These rotations solidify clinical skills and present a model of care much different from "high-tech" tertiary care.  Provides a greater degree of independence practicing patient care, minor procedures and etc.  Various sites are available in the Southwest, Northwest and Alaska. These multidisciplinary experiences are usually associated with a community hospital based inpatient experience.  Housing is usually provided and occasionally transportation.
Coordinator:  Mick Godkin, PhD 

Family Practice Office
Course:  FC-401
Advance your knowledge of the family medicine approach to problem-solving and clinical decision making.   Be exposed to a style of family practice other than your clerkship, thereby enriching your knowledge about family medicine as a viable and rewarding practice choice. Not offered in July or August.
Coordinator:  Frank Domino, M.D.

Health Care for the Homeless
Course:  FC-415
Learn how homelessness impacts health and the ability to access healthcare. Expand your knowledge through direct participation at outreach clinics in Worcester.  Gain insight and appreciation of social issues faced by the medically underserved.  Observe and assist in providing medical care at local shelters and neighborhood clinics.  Participate in hospital rounds on patients admitted from these sites.  Not available October & November.
Coordinator: Erik Garcia, M.D.

College Health Care
Course:  FC-409
Work with family practitioners as they participate in providing medical care to local college health services (Clark, WPI and Holy Cross).  Experience a wide range of acute and chronic health problems including infectious disease, trauma, dermatology, eating disorders, women's health, sport, outpatient surgery and substance abuse.  Available September - May.
Coordinator: Chris Purington, M.D.