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Services & Resources

Services available through FaCES:

Trauma Coach Services: Foster parents of children seen at FaCES can be referred to our Trauma Coach services. FaCES Trauma Coaches serve as an experienced peer support who can provide in-home and remote training, support, and guidance for a foster parent. Trauma Coaches provide caregivers with a medically based understanding of the symptoms of trauma, and practical tools for how to recognize and respond.

Resource Parenting Curriculum (RPC) Courses: UMASS FaCES staff delivers this National Child Traumatic Stress Network course to educate resource parents (e.g. foster parents, kinship parents, adoptive parents) on the impact of trauma on the behavior of the children they care for. Sign up for an upcoming class here.

Community Resource:

LINK-KID Referral Service (1-855-LINK-KID): Parents, caregivers, and child-serving professionals (physicians, teachers, attorneys, etc.) are able to make just one call to 1-855-LINK-KID to connect a child with evidence-based treatment (EBT) for trauma.

This service eliminates the need to call numerous local mental health agencies to find the right therapy for the child, as 1855-LINK KID will find the right therapy with the shortest waitlist, and the most convenience for the family. Provided through UMASS’s Child Trauma Training Center, the service has received grant funding to ensure it maintains its capacity to respond to a higher referral volume during/ after COVID-19. Read more about LINK-KID on the Child Trauma Training Center’s website here.

LINK-KID Referral form can be found here. 

Phone: 1-855-LINK-KID | Fax: (774) 455-4111