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Medical Services

We provide medical services to children at the 7-day screening visit, and at the 30-day or comprehensive visit. We can also offer follow up medical visits as needed.

Providing comprehensive, coordinated health care services

At a FaCES visit:

  • Each child is weighed and measured.

  • A doctor or pediatric nurse practitioner talks to the child and caregiver about the child’s medical history.

  • Children are offered a physical exam in a trauma sensitive, safe setting.

  • After a physical exam, the child may be sent for lab work or x-rays, and may need immunizations.

  • Our staff also can make referrals and help schedule dental or mental health appointments.
  • All children from birth to three years of age will have developmental or behavioral screening in the FaCES Clinic.
    • Children under three who need further evaluation or developmental services are referred to an Early Intervention Program for a thorough review of motor, speech, learning, social, emotional and self-help skills.
    • Children over age three are referred to the appropriate school district for further evaluation and services.

  • All information, including previous medical information and immunization records, is maintained at UMass Memorial Healthcare. A copy is also sent to the child’s primary care provider. While the ideal situation is for the child to be followed by the same health care provider as before the child entered foster care, this is not always possible. The FaCES Clinic staff can help find a primary care provider for any family that wishes assistance.