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Clinical Services for FaCES Patients

Psychiatric Evaluation: If referred, please call the FaCES clinic at 774-443-7962

Trauma Education Services: The FaCES clinic mental health clinicians provide mental health supports to the children and families served in our program. These services can occur over the phone, through virtual platforms (such as Zoom), or face to face, and include:

  • Psychoeducation regarding typical trauma reactive behaviors,
  • Attachment and trauma responsive parenting techniques,
  • Information about various community resources,
  • Referrals to community mental health providers.

Trauma Coach Services: Foster parents of children seen at FaCES can be referred to our Trauma Coach services. FaCES Trauma Coaches serve as an experienced peer support who can provide in-home and remote training, support, and guidance for a foster parent. Trauma Coaches provide caregivers with a medically based understanding of the symptoms of trauma, and practical tools for how to recognize and respond. Generally, caregivers have 3-5 live or remote sessions with our trauma coaches, but the program is flexible to meet the needs of each family.

For more information, please call the FaCES clinic at 774-443-7962.