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How You Can Help

FaCES approach to health care for foster children is multi-faceted including not just medical care but mental health and education.

Team of young adults collecting goods for the donation drive
Collect and donate new clothes and toiletries for kids in foster care

Your support can help to:

  • Provide emergency items (diapers, formula, cribs, beds, helmets, toothbrushes / toothpaste) for children newly placed in care.
  • Provide comfort items (blankets, stuffed animals, books) for children in transition.
  • Provide after school activity expenses such as band instrument or uniforms.
  • Support educational program THREdS which will provides staff support and coordinate with schools and community resources to address educational needs of children in foster care.

If you:

  • Have 30 seconds, share some of the facts you have learned about children in foster care with others.
  • Have 1 minute, DONATE.
  • Have 5 minutes, talk to a co-worker about the needs at FaCES.
  • Have 10 minutes, write to your state congressman asking them to increase state support for resources for children in foster care.
  • Have a day, collect new toys and toiletries for kids in foster care and contact us to drop them off. We provide new, unopened gifts for every child who comes to FaCES. Please call the main phone number at 774-443-7962 to set up a time and drop off toy donations.
  • Have 1 day a month, think about becoming a volunteer to support foster children.
  • Are part of a service organization, scouts, a teen group or school council that would like to support a community effort, run a toy drive or teen gift drive to collect toys or gifts for kids seen at FaCES.