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MSPCC: A Series on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing

Building the Buffering: Brain Development

This session explores how some children may grow as dandelions while others grow like orchids — taking into consideration how trauma impacts the developing brain, how children can be impacted and protected, and the challenges of preventing and recognizing the effect of trauma on children.

Building the Buffering: Supporting Caregiver & Relational Resilience

The session will build upon the first session and will focus on developing shared understanding on how trauma impacts parenting, both the neurobiology and the relational aspects of parenting AND will discuss models/tools of support for parents to help with healing and building resilience with their children. 

Building the Buffering: Models of Support: Appropriate Use of Psychotropic Medication

This session will discuss the important role of the psychiatrist in ensuring that medication is only used when the potential benefits are clear and in conjunction with careful and ongoing monitoring and assessment.