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Medical Needs of Children in Foster Care

An integrative care center that addresses the physical, mental,
emotional and educational needs of each child

  • Between 70-92 percent of foster care children have a chronic health issue.

  • Between 25-40 percent of children in foster care have three or more chronic health issues.

  • Between 25-33 percent of these children have failed hearing and vision tests.

  • Obesity rates of foster care children is two times their peers.

  • Up to 87 percent of foster care children have prevalence to mental health disorders.

  • 70-90 percent of victims of trafficking have a history of sexual abuse, of which 60 percent come from foster care or group homes.

  • Up to 70 percent of children in the foster care system have behavioral concerns.

  • As many as 60 percent of foster care children have developmental disabilities.

  • Children in foster care who receive specialized comprehensive care have more medical and mental health problems identified, are more likely to receive medical and mental health services and are more likely to continue to receive follow-up care.