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All new students are assigned a medical record number (MR#) within the UMASS Memorial Heathcare System. This form is part of your Health Clearance packet. It may also be downloaded for your convenience. This Medical Record Number is used to create a UMASS Memorial Hospital Chart. (If you are seen by any provider within the UMASS/Memorial Healthcare system, your healthcare information will be held within this chart). The original Health Clearance Forms will also be kept here.

Student Health also creates a chart for each student that holds a copy of health clearance form submitted by all incoming students and any information pertaining to student health requirements such as immunizations and titers. Your health information is also entered into the UMASS EHR (Electronic Health Record).  Both are held to HIPPA standards to maintain confidentiality.

Upon confirmation of graduation or withdrawal from the school, any student chart information will be sent to medical records. Thereafter, the student may request their health information directly from the Medical Records Department.