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Health Clearance Requirements

T.H. Chan School of Medicine and Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing

Physical Exam within the past year.

MMR: 2 MMR vaccines and positive MMR serologies (copy of lab report must be attached).

Hepatitis B: Completed Hep B series and positive Hep B titer (copy of lab report must be attached).

If the Hep B Surface Antibody titer is negative or equivocal, please complete the titers below BEFORE receiving the booster

Hepatitis B surface antigen ___________

Hepatitis B core antibody ____­­________

Hep B Booster #4___________________

Repeat Hepatitis B surface antibody titer 6-8 weeks after booster #4__________     pos/ neg

If titer remains negative Hepatitis B booster #5___________ Hepatitis B booster #6___________ are required

Tetanus: One dose of Tdap≥ age 11.   If last Tdap is more than 8 years ago, a Td or Tdap update is required.

Varicella: Documentation of Varicella Series (2 vaccines) or positive Varicella titer (copy of lab report must be attached).

COVID:  Documentation of completed COVID series

2 Step TST: Documentation of Quantiferon Gold or 2 TST results including mm of induration.

  • If TST is positive, must include a copy of a CXR within the past year and treatment, if any.
  • Health Clearance form must be signed and dated by student’s provider.

Annual Requirements for Existing Students

  • Season Flu Vaccine
  • Annual Quantiferon Gold
  • If history of positive, must complete Annual Review of TB symptoms form and submit to Student Health.