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Current Health Issues


Dear Students, 

In the past few days, there have been a number of questions about travel cancellations, domestic vs international, personal vs university-sponsored, and reimbursements for cancelled travel.

Additionally, some questions have arisen about checking in with Student Health after return from travel. We hope these quick answers will be helpful.

We are also working on a running FAQ document to be shared with you via email and posted on the web, updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

 All university-sponsored travel is prohibited, both domestic and international, unless specifically approved by the Provost

    • This includes travel to conferences, meetings, organized school trips
    • Medical school students traveling for USMLE exams are approved by the Provost at this time
    • If you cancel a university-sponsored trip, please ask the vendor to refund your payment and follow their policies; after exploring this option, if there are payments that have not been refunded, please communicate with us via email to to ask how the university can help
  • Personal travel is strongly discouraged at this time, both domestic and international
    • If you do cancel personal travel, please ask the vendor to refund your payment and follow their policies; unfortunately the university cannot reimburse you for personal travel costs that have not been refunded
  • If you return from travel to an area with active COVID-19 (which at this point is most destinations worldwide), please call Student Health Services at 508-334-8464 for a quick travel/symptom screen. Do not drop-in to SHS. Do not go to your clinical rotations or workplace without first checking in with SHS. We would like to review your itinerary and health status before you return to your normal duties.