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 Healthcare Options for UMass Chan Students

The Family and Community Medicine Office (FCM) is a fully functioning Family Medicine Practice. It is not exclusive to UMASS Chan students. It is NOT a walk- in clinic.  Walk in students will be directed to call the office.

***If you are experiencing severe or life -threatening symptoms, please call 911 or go to the ER. ***

Students who are established with a provider within the Family Medicine practice have access to full preventative, urgent care, and referral services.

Students who are not established with a primary care provider within the Family Medicine Practice (FCM) and do not have an established PCP in MA have access to limited services in FCM according to same day availability including acute simple sick visits and the services outlined under the health fee explanation.  

Please note: You must have a health insurance that is accepted by UMASS Memorial Health/FCM to be booked for a FCM provider visit.

Simple Sick visits examples include:

  • Acute Cold symptoms such as sore throat, earache, cough
  • UTI symptoms
  • Acute muscle sprains/strains
  • Acute GI symptoms (nausea/vomiting diarrhea without signs of dehydration)
  • GYN symptoms
  • Headache
  • Simple Dermatological Issues /acute rashes

Students who have a MA PCP are to contact their Primary Care provider for urgent, preventative care and for follow-up of chronic or recurrent conditions. Issues that may require a referral to a specialist or diagnostic testing typically require a patient’s PCP to place those orders for insurance coverage.

If your PCP is out of state or you feel that they are located too far away for consistent care, you are welcome to contact Student Health to establish with a provider within the FCM practice or establish with another local PCP in the area. Until established as a patient in FCM, you will need to utilize a local walk- in clinic if you have recurrent or chronic issue.

 Please plan ahead as new patient visits often book out about 8 or more weeks.

There are many local walk- in clinics and urgent care clinics in the area to utilize for your convenience and expanded times which provide vaccines, labs and diagnostics as well as provider evaluations. Please be sure to check with your insurance for questions about coverage. Below is a list of several local clinics within a few miles from UMASS University Campus.

CVS Minute Clinic –       197 Turnpike Rd. Shrewsbury MA

CareWell Urgent Care – 500 Lincoln Street, Worcester MA   /   348 Greenwood Street Worcester, MA

Ready Med- 366 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester MA