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If you would like to establish with Family & Community Medicine Practice e-mail StudentHealth@umassmemorial.org.  

Please note: new patient appointments are currently being scheduled approximately 8 weeks in advance.

Student Health Services is located within the Family & Community Medicine Practice (FMC) in the Benedict Building, first floor, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA 

The following clinicians practice in the FMC:

*Phil Fournier, MD (Director, Student Health Services)

Vida Asante NP
Liam Burke, MD
Erin Cathcart, MD
Erik Garcia, MD
Susan Hogan, MD
Sydney Knoll, NP
*Mary Lindholm, MD
Sonia Marcello DO
Sonal Singh, MD
Ed Zaccaria, MD

*Faculty holding educational leadership positions within the T.H. Chan School of Medicine such as Clerkship Director or Learning Community Mentor are not allowed to be the PCP’s for Medical Students.

If you already have an established PCP within the UMASS Chan Students Blue Cross Plan, or would like to select a different UMass Memorial physician as your PCP, either on the University Campus or in the community at a non-teaching site, we can arrange for you to do so and have this physician be recognized by UMASS Chan Student Blue Cross Plan as your PCP.  However, to do so you MUST contact SHS via email @ studenthealth@umassmemorial.org to complete the PCP enrollment process.

Process to Make an Appointment

If you have a health concern/illness/injury and would like to be seen, please call the Family Medicine Office at
(508) 334-2818.

Family Medicine is not a walk in clinic

Always identify yourself as a UMASS student.

Describe your illness/injury to the triage nurse.

If you have a health emergency, please call 911.

Students may also email Student Health Services with routine visit inquires. Routine visit inquires are visits that are of a non-urgent nature such as travel visits, appointments for immunizations, routine physicals. Please allow up to 48 hrs for a response. Students can e-mail studenthealth@umassmemorial.org and must be sure to include their name and date of birth, the reason for the visit and list some dates and times that would work. If they have an identified primary care provider include that as well, but if they are not sure who is their PCP, SHS can assist the student with identifying a provider.

The email service is not to be utilized for urgent visits or medication refills. Urgent visits are visits if you are feeling ill or a visit for a health problem. Students will need to follow the usual procedure and contact Family Medicine to be triaged by nursing staff (508)334-2818. In addition, students requesting a medication refill should call this number and listen to the prompts for the refill line to process their request.