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Student Health Fee – Explanation of Services Covered by Fee

All matriculated students are charged an annual Health/ Counseling Fee. The fee is split between Student Health and Student Counseling Services.

The Student Health portion of the Health Fee covers:


·         Maintenance of health clearance requirements after pre-matriculation requirements have been completed. (Required vaccines/titers billed to insurance. No additional costs to student)

·         Required Quantiferon Gold testing and coordination of any follow-up necessary (billed to insurance- No additional costs to student)

·         Annual Flu Clinics held by UMASS Memorial (no cost to students)

·         Completion of rotation forms and any required institutional titers if needed.   

·         Student Health triage / guidance for health issues and public health outbreaks.


Please note: Family and Community Medicine is a fully functioning Family Medicine Practice. It is not exclusive to students.

The student Health fee does not cover FCM visit costs such as copays, lab tests and/or diagnostic tests. It also does not cover bills from specialists that you may be referred to as they are billed through your insurance. Students are responsible for any out-of-pocket costs based on their insurance plan. Students may choose to establish with a provider in the Family Medicine Practice or in the community to receive comprehensive care.


*Please refer to the Healthcare Options for UMASS Chan students on the website for options for your healthcare needs while a student at UMASS Chan.

*Please contact the Bursar for any questions about health insurance. (508)856-6641  

*If you have questions about a bill received at FCM or for student health related requirements please email student health and attach the bill: studenthealth@umassmemorial.org