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Asian Mental Health Consultation Service

Asians who live in the US represent a diverse community comprising of more than 30 countries of origin and various cultures, traditional beliefs, religions, years in the US, degrees of acculturation, levels of English proficiency, and socioeconomic status. Asians in the US face disproportionate mental health disparities and unique barriers in accessing culturally appropriate mental health services.

The UMass Asian Mental Health Clinic provides culturally sensitive outpatient consultation service for adult Asian patients suffering from common mental issues (depression, anxiety, psychosis, relation issues, adapting to new life in the US etc.). The consultation consists of a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. Recommendations are thoroughly discussed with the patient, and a written report is provided to the referring care provider.

Due to the consultative nature of the service, all patients must have a prescriber who manages their psychotropic medications, if needed, on a regular basis. Follow-up care is not provided by this clinic.

The clinic is located at the UMass Department of Psychiatry Ambulatory Services within the Hahnemann Campus. The address is 279 Lincoln Street, Worcester, MA 01605.

Patients, families, health care providers or others can call 508-334-0695 to request a consultation.

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