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UMass Chinese Mental Health Program

As of May 2022, the UMass Chinese Mental Health Program will now be found under UMass MIND. This name change emcompasses all clinical care, research, and community and global initatives formally under the Psychotic Disorders Program. Please find us at: www.umassmed.edu/umass-mind


A program of UMass Department of Psychiatry

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The transition to a market economy has radically transformed the society and people's daily life in China during the past several decades. Along with the rapid economic development, the burden of mental and behavior-related problems appears to be growing. China has at least 100 million people suffering from mental illness, according to the Chinese National Center for Mental Health. Mental illness has now overtaken heart disease and cancer as the biggest burden on the Chinese health system.

The UMass Chinese Mental Health Program is building sustainable academic collaborations between mental health professionals in the United States and China. Through this program we are:

  • Leading the cross-cultural exchange and translation of knowledge among mental health care providers and researchers
  • Jointly developing tools and resources to help transform lives and improve the mental health and wellbeing of people in China – and everywhere
  • Advancing humankind's understanding of a range of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, autism and addiction

Our collaborations in China are evolving and expanding. Our partner institutions in China range from north to south, east to west. The UMass Chinese Mental Health Program reflects the strong commitment that the UMass Chan Medical School has made to defining, promoting, and expanding the university's role in China.

Xiaoduo Fan, MD, MPH, MS
Director, UMass Chinese Mental Health Program