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Paul Kaufman, Ph.D.

Ph.D.: 1992, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Postdoctoral research: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Office: UMass Chan Medical School
364 Plantation Street, LRB-506
Worcester, MA 01605
Phone: 508-856-5016
Email: Paul.Kaufman1@umassmed.edu


We study proteins that regulate chromosome structure and function, using cell biological and genomic tools to analyze mammalian chromosome organization.

As part of the NIH 4D Nucleome partnership, we have been investigating heterochromatin organization in mammalian cells, with particular focus on specific loci that are localized to the perinucleolar region (Vertii et al., Genome Research, 29:1235-1249 (2019); Bizhanova et al., Chromosoma, 129:121-139 (2020)). Current work focuses on how these interactions are regulated during innate immune cells activation.

We are also interested in specific proteins that help organize the genome and protect it from damage. One such protein the proliferation antigen Ki-67 (Smith et al., Mol. Biol. Cell 25: 2866-2881 (2014); Matheson and Kaufman, Chromosoma 125: 361-71 (2016); Mol. Biol. Cell 28: 21-29 (2017)). Ki-67 is particularly interesting not only because of its use as a clinical tumor marker, but also because it directly protects chromosomes from damage (Sun et al. Mol. Cell. Biol. 37: e00569-16 (2017); Sun and Kaufman Chromosoma 127: 175-186 (2018)). In the absence of Ki-67, chromosome damage occurs during mitosis, and is greatly exacerbated when the tumor suppressor protein p53 is also depleted (Garwain et al. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 118: e2021998118 (2021). We are currently exploring how these two proteins work together to protect chromosomes.

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Rotation Projects

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Positions Available

Highly motivated individuals who have first-author publications and are seeking postdoctoral training are encouraged to apply.  Contact Dr. Kaufman