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Michael Green, M.D., Ph.D.

Department Chair

Vice Provost for Strategic Research Initiatives
Director, Cancer Center
Co-Director, The Li Weibo Institute for Rare Diseases Research

M.D., Ph.D.: 1981, Washington University School of Medicine
Postdoctoral research: Harvard University
Office: UMass Chan Medical School
364 Plantation Street, LRB-628
Worcester, MA 01605
Phone: 508-856-5331
Email: Michael.Green@umassmed.edu

Research Synopsis 

My laboratory is interested in understanding the molecular basis of human diseases—in particular cancer and certain rare genetic disorders—and identifying factors and regulatory pathways that can be therapeutically targeted to treat these conditions. In general our research focuses on identifying new factors and regulatory pathways that promote or prevent cancer, and modulating gene expression as a therapeutic approach. To pursue these interests we use transcription-based approaches, functional screens (such as genome-wide loss-of-function RNAi- and CRISPR-based genetic screens) and proteomics methods to identify new genes, proteins, and regulatory pathways that are the cause of or contribute to the disease state. In addition, we are interested in developing new gene therapy approaches for cancer and other diseases. For a more detailed description of our research, click here.

Click here for a complete list of published work