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Heinrich Gottlinger, M.D., Ph.D.

M.D.: 1983, University of Munich 
Postdoctoral research:  Institute of Immunology, University of Munich, and later at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Office: UMass Chan Medical School
364 Plantation Street, LRB-526
Worcester, MA 01605
Phone: 508-856-2843
Email: Heinrich.Gottlinger@umassmed.edu


Based on our discovery that the HIV protein Nef increases the infectivity of progeny virions by inhibiting the antiviral proteins SERINC3 and SERINC5, one of our main goals is to elucidate how SERINCs affect HIV-1 infectivity and how they are counteracted by Nef. Another major focus of my laboratory is to understand the roles of host proteins in the cell-cell transmission of HIV-1. In particular, we are investigating the roles of cell polarity regulators such as CDC42 and its downstream effectors in HIV spreading.