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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities in Molecular, Cell and Cancer Biology




Please look on the UMass Chan Medical School careers site (https://umassmed.edu/jobs/) or the MCCB website (https://www.umassmed.edu/mccb/job-opportunities/) to view the open positions below.  


Castilla Lab - Our laboratory studies the formation of blood cancers, such as leukemias, and how to use these discoveries to design novel therapies. 

Research Associate I - https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/7992/


Torres LabOur Lab focuses on understanding how aneuploidy affects cellular physiology and metabolism and how aneuploidy influences cell evolution leading to further gross genomic alterations.

Research Associate I, II, III, or IV - https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/9787/


Lawson LabResearch in the Lawson Laboratory focuses on how new blood vessels are formed during embryonic development.

Research Associate I – https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/9074/

Research Associate III – https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/9073/


Wolfe Lab - Research is focused on the creation of improved genome editing technologies to facilitate both efficient and precise editing of vertebrate genomes. 

Research Associate I, II, III, or IV - https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/9628/

Research Associate I, II, III, or IV - https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/9823/


Brodsky Lab - We are developing CRISPR-Cas9-based methods to inactivate or correct the mutant gene that causes autosomal dominant Huntington’s disease (HD).

Research Associate I - https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/8480/

Research Associate III - https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/8171/

Research Associate IV - https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/8434/

Post Doctoral Associate – https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/8433/


Socolovsky Lab - We investigate how cell fate decisions during erythropoiesis are orchestrated by DNA replication and by epigenetic mechanisms. We also study the systems biology principles that allow a massive ramping up of red cell production in response to the stress of bleeding, anemia of multiple etiologies, or hypoxia.

Post Doctoral Associate - https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/9398/


Tissenbaum Lab - Our research focuses on understanding the fundamental processes that define how we age.

Research Associate I, II, III, or IV - https://www.ummsjobs.com/job/9827/