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Webinar #1: Trauma-Informed Care for Primary Care Professionals

Trauma affects both mental and physical health long after the event. Learn about Trauma-Informed Care, an approach that acknowledges prior trauma and promotes healing without re-traumatizing. This presentation explores the benefits and harms of trauma screening practices, contrasts trauma-informed care with evidence-based therapies, and identifies organizational processes to provide patient-centered healthcare.

Webinar #2: Behavioral Activation: Transdiagnostic Applications in Primary Care

Discover the power of Behavioral Activation (BA), a brief treatment based on behavioral principles, and its applications in integrated primary care settings. Explore how BA can be used in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) commonly seen in primary care patients. After this presentation, you'll understand the theory and model of BA, list its protocol components, and describe treatment protocols for PTSD. Empower your practice with this valuable knowledge!


Webinar #3: Addressing Weight-Based Stigma Webinar

Gain insights into the harmful effects of weight-based discrimination and bias in healthcare. This presentation delves into the complexities of weight stigma, its impact on psychological well-being, and how to provide compassionate care to individuals of all body sizes. Feel empowered with evidence-based research, empathy-building techniques, and the skills to address weight stigma in a clinical setting. Promote inclusivity and holistic health for all your patients!