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Multiple Opportunities

What CIPC offers advanced practitioners of MI

Active practice with informed feedback can help you build and maintain your current MI skills.  We offer two options, both are conducted over the phone:

  • Individual practice sessions with an Acting Patient using several different scenarios.  Our specially trained acting patients will engage you in a conversation during which you will be able to practice Motivational Interviewing skills.  The interactions are recorded and are the recordings are scored using the widely recognized Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity tool (MITI).  You will receive both the recording and a copy of the coding results.
  • Individual coaching sessions with a professional MI coach.  The coach will review the coding results of an acting patient encounter and review the results with you while offering strategies for improving your MI skills.

You may purchase one or both of these at any time.  Both the acting patient calls and the coaching sessions need to be scheduled well in advance, so we ask that you call the Center 774-441-8171 for information on how to purchase these opportunities.

Advanced training with Ali Hall

Ali Hall, an internationally known MI practitioner, and teacher has been responsible for personalized coaching in our MI certificate course since its inception and has been chosen multiple times to lead training for the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT).

Here are her current offerings.

Advancing Skills:

Self-Paced Course for Evaluation Fundamentals--we'll have a webcast later in 2020 for more in-depth learning:

Coding and Coaching Lab options--acting encounters, feedback, etc.:

Three Day Virtual Coding and Coaching