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Acting Patient Encounters

To connect to your acting patient or coach please click below of who it is with. 

Please make sure you are on time, and click on link below at your exact time.

  • If you are using a computer you will need a microphone & speakers
  • If you use your smartphone or tablet you'll need to download the Zoom app
  • You can cover your camera so you are not seen, make sure you are not muted 



Ali Hall:

Having issues? 

You can download the Zoom free app on a smart device!


  1. Download Zoom App 
  2. Click on "Join Meeting"
  3. Enter "Meeting ID"
  4. Click on "Join"  

Meeting Room IDs: 

Miriam:  464 797 5724   

Debbi:  593 398 1896  

Ali: 235 393 1026