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Group Medical Visit Conference Recap

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

We are thrilled to follow up on the successful second annual Group Medical Visit conference held on September 16th and co-chaired by CIPC’s primary care clinician, Paula Gardiner, MD. The conference was attended by 160 people from all over the world and there was a wide range of places represented including academic medical centers, community health centers, private practice, and the Veterans Administration. Approximately, half of the participants had no experience running group visits and came to learn the basics.

There was lots of discussion about GMV payment with half of the participants using individual patient visit codes and fee-for-service business models. There was also discussion of bundled payment, value-based payment, patient education, capitation, and even concierge payment. Virtual GMVs are still very popular. Participants were asked about the barriers for their patients to attending groups. In-person barriers included work and other responsibilities (n=32), times offered (n=27), and transportation and parking (n=25). Online barriers included: low technology skills (n=38), work, and other responsibilities (n=30), and no access to devices and the internet (n=25). Finally, the attendees discussed infrastructure and internal factors as barriers including not enough staff, no group visits coordinator, not enough time to maintain groups, and recruitment challenges.

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