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What Do People Say About Us?

“The experience there was transformational and was an excellent foundation to a wonderful (and always challenging!) career. All the instructors were outstanding.”
-Frank Brea (year)


“It was a Great institute to be trained and has helped me to be a Good Anesthesiologist.”
-Dipak Patel


“We were so well trained and educated there, which will benefit our whole life.”
-Dezhen Zhang


“Thank you all for the wonderful medical educational start in my life, I am very grateful and humbled.”
-Peter Kechejian


“I felt very well prepared and adequately equipped to enter into private practice from my training at UMass. I also felt well prepared for the written boards. Doing my own cases is extremely rewarding and feels very similar to the way things were in residency. I felt well prepared to handle anything that came my way and was even able to offer insight and advice to colleagues.”
-Brian Tevlin