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Professional Development

Junior Faculty Development Program

The Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP) provides a foundation for the success of junior faculty at UMass Chan Medical School. Modeled after the program implemented at Penn State College of Medicine, the JFDP is an intensive professional development experience for junior faculty designed to facilitate their success in academic medicine. This flagship program is a model for faculty development programs nationally.

The program was successfully implemented at UMass Chan for the 2010-11 academic year: in its first five years, 110 junior faculty have participated in the program.

The goals of the Junior Faculty Development Program are to:

    • Promote the development and advancement of faculty through a program targeted and tailored to the specific needs of junior faculty.
    • Nurture and cultivate junior faculty to become the next generation of academic leaders.
    • Support the retention of faculty talent through opportunities and support to continuously build and expand professional skills.

The program consists of two components:

    • A comprehensive curriculum in topics on research, education, clinical, and academic/career development.
    • A project conducted under the guidance of a senior faculty mentor. The individual project is identified by the participant, approved by their chair and completed with the assistance of a mentor identified by the program.

Our graduates

Antonio Aponte-Feliciano, MD
Rana Badr, MD 
Masilo Grant, MD
M. Richard Pavao, MD
Robert I. Richmond, MD
Spiro Spanakis, DO
Matthew Stebulis, MD
J. Matthias Walz, MD, FCCP
Rebecca Zanconato, MD

Physicians Leadership Development Program

(From left to right: Drs. Cosar, Cintora, Matheos, and Joshi. Not pictured: Drs. Levreault and Walz)

Through collaboration between UMass Memorial Medical Group and the Healthcare Delivery Institute at WPI, this unique program has been developed to enhance leadership and management skills for today's physicians. Participants learn about topics that are relevant to the current health care arena and to their everyday professional responsibilities.

The program is designed to benefit key individuals within health care organizations who have been nominated as ready to learn and advance their leadership careers. Delivery is in a blended-learning format combining self-study, team and traditional classroom learning, and project work. The program is fully customizable by organization, with flexibility in covered topics, scheduling and desired learning outcomes.

Our graduates

Stephanie Cintora, MD
Elifçe Cosar, MD
Chandra Joshi, MBBS
Thomas Levreault, MD
Theofilos Matheos, MD
J. Matthias Walz, MD, FCCP