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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) at UMass Memorial Health are an integral part of the anesthesia care team model and work closely with our anesthesiologist and surgical colleagues in a collegial and mutually respectful practice environment. 

Nurse anesthetists within UMass Memorial have access to a broad clinical platform that allows for participation in all aspects of anesthesia care, from ambulatory and community anesthesia to high complexity anesthetic care in support of tertiary and quarternary surgical and procedural services. 

With more than 60 CRNAs in our division, we provide exceptional clinical care in seven primary locations:  

  • UMass Memorial Medical Center University Campus 
  • UMass Memorial Medical Center Memorial Campus 
  • UMass Memorial Medical Center Hahnemann Campus
  • Marlborough Hospital 
  • UMass Memorial Health Alliance – Leominster Hospital 
  • The Surgery Center at Shrewsbury 
  • Eastern Ave Endoscopy Center 

Our specialties at our primary site general ORs include: neurosurgery, cardiac, thoracic, pediatrics, orthopedics, uro-gynecology, otolaryngology, vascular and transplant anesthesia. We also provide anesthesia services to several other facilities of UMass Memorial Health. 

UMass Memorial’s expanding volume of high-risk adult and pediatric surgical patients requires a professional and accomplished CRNA team with a high degree of proficiency and clinical skill.  

Staff CRNAs participate in the education of future anesthesia providers, serving as preceptors to students from both Northeastern University and the University of New England’s anesthesia programs. 

We are proud of our contributions and reputation in the advancement of nurse anesthesia practice and we serve an integral role in the growth of a nationally recognized medical center.   

  • Emily Asselin

    Emily Asselin

  • Erin Baniukiewicz

    Erin Baniukiewicz

  • Joseph Banks

    Joseph Banks

  • Jillian Bates

    Jillian Bates

  • Jesse Bourque

    Jesse Bourque

  • Ryan Boyd

    Ryan Boyd

  • Patrick Brennan

    Patrick Brennan

  • Danielle Brossi

    Danielle Brossi

  • Denis Childs

    Denis Childs

    Academic Role: Lead CRNA, ASC 

  • Mairead Colemen

    Mairead Colemen

    Academic Role: Affiliate Site Clinical Coordinator, Memorial

  • Megan Collins

    Megan Collins

  • Wanda Colon-Roman

    Wanda Colon-Roman

  • Ruth Dahlstrom

    Ruth Dahlstrom

  • Carolyn Demartini

    Carolyn Demartini

  • Gigi Dixson

    Gigi Dixson

  • Sisavath Douangsavanh

    Sisavath Douangsavanh

  • Thomas Fish

    Thomas Fish

  • Tim Fitzpatrick

    Tim Fitzpatrick

  • Juan Flores

    Juan Flores

  • Rick Flynn

    Rick Flynn

  • Kathleen Galluzzo

    Kathleen Galluzzo

  • Kaitlyn Gavalchin

    Kaitlyn Gavalchin

  • Jessica Gleba

    Jessica Gleba

  • Brittany Guilmet

    Brittany Guilmet

  • Cheryl Hamel

    Cheryl Hamel

  • Christina Holland

    Christina Holland

  • Ewa Hryniszyn

    Ewa Hryniszyn

  • Anna Javorski

    Anna Javorski

  • Anthony Kluck

    Anthony Kluck

  • James Kokernak

    James Kokernak

  • Terry Kriss

    Terry Kriss

    Academic Role: Chief OB CRNA

  • Dana Manning

    Dana Manning

  • Samantha Mayo

    Samantha Mayo

  • Candy Mazeika

    Candy Mazeika

  • Karen McKie

    Karen McKie

  • Carolyn McLaughlin

    Carolyn McLaughlin

  • Alicia Radzicki

    Alicia Radzicki

  • Margaret Rizzo

    Margaret Rizzo

  • Artur Rozentsvi

    Artur Rozentsvi

  • Sheila Sergel

    Sheila Sergel

  • Keith Sieger

    Keith Sieger

    Academic Role: Lead CRNA, University Campus

  • Sean Smith

    Sean Smith

  • William Sowka

    William Sowka

  • Erica Spillane

    Erica Spillane

  • Elizabeth Stewart

    Elizabeth Stewart

  • Courtney Sweeney

    Courtney Sweeney

  • James Tazelaar

    James Tazelaar

    Academic Role: Affiliate Site Clinical Coordinator, Hahnemann

  • Jacob Tharpe

    Jacob Tharpe

    Academic Role: Lead CRNA, Memorial

  • Amalia Thomson

    Amalia Thomson

  • Vladislav Troshin

    Vladislav Troshin

  • Samantha Tucker

    Samantha Tucker

  • Karen Valdes

    Karen Valdes

  • Jaclyn Von Bleicken

    Jaclyn Von Bleicken

  • Kathleen Walsh

    Kathleen Walsh

  • Victoria Way

    Victoria Way

  • Richard Wayshville

    Richard Wayshville

  • Jeffrey Winacco

    Jeffrey Winacco

  • Jillian Wool

    Jillian Wool

  • Genevieve Wright

    Genevieve Wright