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FATE Course

Basic and Advanced FATE (Focus Assessed Transthoracic Echocardiography) Training

FATE Training Leadership Team

 "FATE is easily and quickly learned and can be applied in all clinical scenarios – perioperatively, pre- and inhospitally, in intensive care or emergency settings. The workshop is a simple and effective roadmap to learn how to perform and interpret echocardiographic findings and put them into the clinical context. The FATE workshops covers all content described in FoCUS, FICE, or similar concepts. The British Intensive Care Society has approved FATE for FICE accreditation."

Basic Fate: 

"The objective is to provide the course participant with basic echocardiographic skills for physicians who are not specialists of cardiology in order to guide cardiac optimisation. This includes the basic imaging views and M-mode for cardiac dimensions and right and left ventricular function."

FATE Training Audience Residents and Faculty

Advanced FATE:

"The workshop objective is to provide the attendees with advanced skills for the non-cardiologist in order to perform all extended cardiac views and the most clinically relevant Doppler ultrasound: pressure estimation, assessment of cardiac output and left ventricular diastolic function."

See more pictures from the FATE training here!FATE Training Residents and Faculty