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Promoting Mental Health in the Transition from College to the Workplace

Title: Promoting Mental Health in the Transition from College to the Workplace 
Time Frame: 12/2/2016-11/30/2017 
Funder: The Jed Foundation (JED) 
Grant: JED Fdn/Promoting Mental Health Trans 
Personnel: Kathleen Biebel, Ph.D., Leonard Levin, M.A. Laura Golden, B.A., & Raphael Mizrahi, B.S. 


The transition from college to the workplace can be a high-risk time fraught with emotional/developmental challenges and stressors that can lead or contribute to mental health problems such as depression. Graduating students who have a positive history of depression may be at particularly high risk of relapse. Moreover, individuals without a history of emotional challenges may experience a first episode of depression as they attempt to navigate this potentially stressful transition.  This project has two aims: (1) to forward our knowledge as a field by developing a rich understanding of the emotional needs of students during the transition from college into the workforce, and (2) to utilize the insights gleaned from Aim 1 to develop a comprehensive framework including a set of recommended practices and considerations that describe how colleges can best emotionally prepare students for the transition out of college and into the workplace.

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Tip Sheets

Adulting Is Hard: Understanding the College-to-Career Transition and Supporting Young Adults’ Emotional Wellbeing
Laura Golden, Jade Moser, Aimee Vella-Riplee, John Macphee, Victor Schwartz, Len Levin and Kathleen Biebel


College to Career: Supporting Mental Health
Laura Golden, Len Levin, Rafe Mizrahi and Kathleen Biebel