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Now Is the Time - Healthy Transitions

PI: J. Trudeau at RTI International
Project Director: Kathryn Sabella, MA
Timeline: March 2, 2015 - February 28, 2020
Funded by: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), US Department of Health and Human Services to RTI International. SAMHSA Contract # 283-12-0608

The purpose of the NITT-HT program is to improve access to treatment and support services for young and young adults 16–25 years that either have, or are at risk of developing a mental illness or substance use disorder, and are at high risk of suicide. 

The NITT-HT evaluation design will include a proposed Youth Voices Special Study to focus on understanding the role of youth voice in all levels of the system. The substudy, designed and conducted by youth with lived experience, will gather data through focus groups of youth involved in the grant activities at the system change level and service receipt level, and through social media. The substudy will assess experiences of youth involvement in system change and individual-level services from youth perspectives.

The NITT-HT evaluation plan will include multiple ways to understand the development, improvement and expansion of youth/young adult services and supports designed to increase access to care.

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June, 2015
Marsha Ellison, Sloan Huckabee, Michelle Mullen, Rachel Stone, Judy Thompson

Innovative Services to Support Learning and Working Goals of Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions
March, 2015
Marsha Ellison, Sloan Huckabee, Rachel Stone, and Michelle Mullen


Helping Youth on the Path to Employment (HYPE)
March 2015
Marsha Ellison, Sloan Huckabee, Rachel Stone, and Michelle Mullen