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Job Seeking Experiences and Employers' Perceptions of TAYYA with Serious Mental Health Conditions

The goal of this study was to provide information that interventions can use to enhance the likelihood of successful, affirming job-seeking experiences among transition age youth and young adults (TAYYA) with serious mental health conditions (SMHC). This innovative qualitative study explored the interaction between employers and job-seeking TAYYA with SMHC with and without justice system records. Researchers interviewed TAYYA to elicit their experiences and outcomes from job-seeking experiences.  Based on these findings they interviewed employers that were representative of the kinds of jobs for which TAYYA apply to elicit their experiences with hiring TAYYA with SMHC,  and processes used to screen job applicants regarding criminal history and other factors.

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Charles Lidz and Lisa Smith

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Presented at UMass Chan Dept of Psychiatry Research Day, October 2013  & 2014;
Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Centers of Excellence Conference, 2014