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Feasibility Study for Demonstration of Supported Education to Promote Educational Attainment & Employment among Individuals with Serious Mental Illness

PI: Marsha Ellison, PhD
Co-I: Kathleen Biebel, PhD
Time Frame: 9/1/2014 - 9/30/2015
Funded By:  Office of the Assistant Secretary of Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), US Department of Health and Human Services to RTI, International

This project was designed to characterize the current state of knowledge about Supported Education as a way to assess the feasibility of conducting a demonstration of SEd for individuals with serious mental illness. This project sought to identify key considerations in planning and preparing for a larger-scale demonstration of SEd by compiling evidence on SEd programs, identifying gaps in the knowledge base about SEd, and describing possible approaches for addressing unanswered questions about SEd. The project focused on answering a series of research questions about SEd program composition, implementation, service context, the experiences of individuals involved in SEd programs, available SEd data sources and ongoing evaluations, SEd policies, financing, and gaps in the SEd knowledge base. Three key tasks were associated with this project: (1) a literature review; (2) an environmental scan of SEd researchers, program managers, and other key informants; and (3) site visits to three programs implementing SEd service delivery models. The final project report includes chapters describing the results from each task, as well as a final synthesis chapter that identifies future SEd needs and opportunities.

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Feasibility Study for Demonstration of Supported Education to Promote Educational Attainment and Employment among Individuals with Serious Mental Illness: Final Report
June, 2015
Marsha Ellison, Sloan Huckabee, Michelle Mullen, Rachel Stone, Judy Thompson

Issue Brief

Supported Educaton (SEd): State of the Science
November, 2016
Shums Alikhan, Deirdre Logan, Marsha Ellison, Kathleen Biebel