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Improving outcomes of youth and young adults (ages 16-21) with SMHC with adapted Individual Placement & Support

Lead Investigator: Marsha Ellison, PhD
Investigators: Gary Bond, PhD, Deborah Becker, MEd, CRC (Dartmouth), Steven Reeder, MEd, CPRP,, CRC (MD, DMH), Maryann Davis, PhD (UMass)

Description: This study aims to adapt and pilot test an evidence-based employment model (Individual Placement and Support – IPS) which was previously designed and tested primarily for mature adults, so as to support the youngest of working age individuals with SMHC (ages 16-21). By improving employment and education outcomes during this foundational time, we hope to divert potential trajectories of poverty and disability benefits dependence. We will conduct an open trial of the model involving 50 youth and young adults with a two-and-a-half-year follow-up at two sites in the state of Maryland. Interview data will be collected every six months from participating youth and young adults, supported employment specialists, and family members, and this data will be used to inform final revisions to the manual and to determine program outcomes. 


Ellison, M. L., Reeder, K. E., Stone, R., Hayes, M., Swanson, S. J., & Bond, G. R. (2022). Individual placement and support (IPS) for high school aged youth: Provider perspective and practice. Community Mental Health Journal, 10.1007/s10597-022-01028-3. Advance online publication.


IPS Supported Employment for Transition Age Youth: Helping Youth with Serious Mental Health Conditions to Access Education, Jobs, and Careers
Sarah J. Swanson, Deborah R. Becker, Gary R. Bond, Kimberly E. Reeder, & Marsha L. Ellison

IPS Fidelity Scale & Scoring

IPS-Y: IPS Fidelity Scale for Young Adults
Version: 5-14-20