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Career Development Activities in Young Adulthood Among Individuals with SMHC

PI: Kathryn Sabella, MA
Co I's: Kathleen Biebel, PhD; Charles Lidz, PhD; Maryann Davis, PhD

This retrospective study aims to provide a long-term picture of career development activities during young adulthood among individuals with serious mental health conditions (SMHC). Through this study, we will create long-term narratives which will illustrate cumulative career development activities and pathways in early adulthood as framed by our theoretical model. These narratives will also allow us to assess the impact that becoming a young parent has on career development. We will explore barriers and facilitators to achieving employment, education, and training goals and identify malleable factors that could be potential targets of future interventions for youth and young adults. This study will be completed through one-time, qualitative interviews in which respondents (older young adults ages 26-30 with SMHC) will be asked to describe their education, training, and employment experiences from age 14 to present day. 


Sabella, K. (2023). Factors that Influence the Continuous Pursuit of Education, Training, and Employment among Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions.

Collecting Histories of Education and Employment During Recovery (CHEER) Project. Sabella, K., Golden, L. and Biebel, K. | 2023

Sabella, K. (2021). Factors that hinder or facilitate the continuous pursuit of education, training, and employment among young adults with serious mental health conditions. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Advance online publication.


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Kathryn Sabella, Ph.D., Laura Golden, B.A., Emma Pici-D’Ottavio, B.A.

In Their Own Words: Young Adults Navigating School and Work While Living With A Mental Health Condition
Kathryn Sabella, Emma Pici-D'Ottavio, Laura Golden | 2018