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Transition-Age Youth Psychotherapy Experiences (TYPE) Study

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Date Posted: Sunday, October 01, 2017
By: Amanda Costa, Emma Pici-D'Ottavio, Laura Golden, Maryann Davis


This Research in the Works product describes the Transitions RTC’s Transition-Age Youth Psychotherapy Experiences (TYPE) Study. The goal of the TYPE study is to better understand 1) TAY-specific factors that contribute to treatment attrition or retention; and 2) the degree to which adult retention interventions apply to TAY.

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Subject Area

Rehabilitation/Recovery, Service Systems, Transition Age Youth


transition age youth, TAY, transition-age youth, research, psychotherapy, treatment attrition, treatment retention, Spanish, Spanish translation

Suggested Citation

Costa A, Pici-D’Ottavio E, Golden L, Davis M. Transition-Age Youth Psychotherapy Experiences (TYPE) Study [English and Spanish versions]. Psychiatry Information in Brief 2017;14(11):1118. Retrieved from