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Finishing College Classes During COVID-19

Tip Sheet

Date Posted: Tuesday, April 21, 2020
By: Michelle G. Mullen, Deirdre G. Logan


This is a tough time for everyone. College students have been asked to leave campus and finish the semester remotely, which may not be something they are used to. While this is a hard adjustment for most college students, this change may be more difficult for young adult college students with mental health conditions. Since trying to finish the semester remotely can be a challenge, we’ve collected some tips that may be helpful. Many of these tips are adapted from our Supporting College Students with Mental Health Conditions in the Wake of COVID-19 here on our website. Michelle Mullen also held a webinar Are You a College Student with a Mental Health Condition? Managing the Wake of COVID: Strategies & Tools to Finish Your Semester that you can find here on our website.

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Subject Area

Education and Training, Transition Age Youth


COVID-19, college students, college, tips, remote learning, coronavirus, university, education, college students with mental health conditions, transition age youth, young adults, serious mental health conditions

Suggested Citation

Mullen MG, Logan DG. Finishing College Classes During COVID-19. Psychiatry Information in Brief 2020;17(7):1147. Retrieved from