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Marsha Langer Ellison, Deputy Director of Transitions ACR is the Keynote Speaker at the 2019 PA Community on Transition Conference

Date Posted: Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Photo os Dr. Marsha Ellison     In July 2019 Marsha Langer Ellison, Ph.D. Deputy Director of Transitions ACR, will be a featured presenter and give the Opening Keynote Presentation entitled Transition Planning for Students with Emotional Behavioral Disorders: Making it Work at the 2019 Pennsylvania Community on Transition Conference: Ignite the Future! Sparking Engagement in Career Readiness.  To learn more about Dr. Ellison's work, please visit our website.

Dr. Ellison is a mental health services, psychiatric rehabilitation and disability policy researcher. In her current position at the UMass Chan Medical School she is the Associate Director for Knowledge Translation for the federally funded Transitions Research and Training Center in the Department of Psychiatry. There she directs and participates in research and dissemination activities that support the learning and working goals of youth and young adults (ages 14 -30) with serious mental health conditions. She also jointly holds an appointment at the ENRM Veterans Hospital at Bedford, Mass., where she conducts research on supported education for Veterans with PTSD. Her research interests include employment and education, and recovery practices including peer support for people with psychiatric disability.