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Cellucci Fund News

Press Releases

Champion Fund renamed to honor Paul Cellucci (4/08/2014)

Biogen Idec announces major gift to UMass ALS Champion Fund (3/15/2012)

Announcement Press Release (5/18/2011)


UMassMedNow: Silencing of an ALS gene safely delivered to patients in UMass Medical School study (07/08/2020)

UMassMedNow: ALS Phase II clinical trial led by Robert Brown shows treatment is safe, well tolerated (11/21/2019)

UMassMedNow: Potential drug targets for ALS and FTD identified in two Fen-Biao Gao studies (05/14/2019)

Boston Globe: Jan Cellucci keeps Paul Cellucci’s memory alive by fighting his killer, ALS (07/14/2018)

Boston Globe: Trials for potential ALS treatment spark cautious hope (04/05/2018)

Dr. Brown collaboration with Wave Life Sciences develops promising therapy (from ALS News Today story 12/19/2017)

ALS News Today: Wave Life Sciences Therapy Reduces Levels of ALS Markers, Animal Studies Show (12/19/2017)

Riccios intensify support for ALS, neuroscience research at UMMS (10/03/2017)

Governor Paul Cellucci Chair in Neuroscience Research established (04/12/2017)

Boston Globe: ALS continues to ravage lives, but hope for a cure endures (10/14/2016)

UMassMedNow: Substantial progress being made in ALS research at UMMS (07/30/2015)

UMassMedNow: Gov. Cellucci Tribute Road Race brings hundreds out to support ALS research at UMass Medical School (07/27/2015)

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: 'Pivotal' research on ALS being done at UMass Medical School (07/23/2015)

UMassMedNow: Second annual Governor Cellucci Tribute Road Race is July 25 (05/11/2015)

NECN: Ice bucket challenge: One year later (07/23/2015)

NECN: Hundreds Lace Up for Gov. Paul Cellucci Tribute Road Race (08/02/2014)

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics (previously published in Wall Street Journal): BrainStorm Announces that UMass Memorial Medical Center to Begin Enrolling Patients in Phase 2 ALS Clinical Trial (07/15/2014)

UMassMedNow: FDA approves Phase II clinical trial for ALS at UMMS (04/28/2014)

UMassMedNow: New lecture series honors Governor Cellucci (03/22/2013)

WCVB NewsCenter 5: Former Gov. Celluci opens up about ALS (02/04/2013)

UMassMedNow: Research shows ALS may be treatable using neural stem cells (12/19/2012)

WBZ Radio, NightSide with Dan Rea: Gov. Paul Cellucci and Michael Collins talk about ALS (10/1/2012)

Worcester Magazine: Hunting a deadly disease (9/19/2012)

Boston Herald: Docs make ALS breakthrough (8/31/2012) 

UMassMedNow: Discovery points to new pathways, potential treatment for ALS (8/28/2012) UMMS scientists identify new genetic mutation that causes familial ALS (7/16/2012)

WBUR: Former Gov. Cellucci On His Political Career And Living With ALS (7/10/2012)

WBZ-TV Boston: After Diagnosis, Cellucci Aiming To Help Raise Millions For ALS Research (5/15/2012)

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Former Gov. Paul Cellucci is in toughest contest of his life (5/13/2012)

Boston Globe: UMass Medical quietly gaining star quality (5/04/2012)

WBUR: The Talk Turns to Romney’s Chances at Cellucci Fund-Raiser for ALS (3/16/2012)

Milford Daily News: Hudson's Cellucci discusses work raising money for ALS research (6/28/2012)

UMassMedNow: Boston Marathon runners train in support of ALS research (2/9/2012)

WGBH News: An interview with Paul Cellucci (1/25/2012)

Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Cellucci in push for funding (12/20/2011)

Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Cellucci joins fight (12/19/2011)

Boston Chronicle: The Campaign of His Life (video 5/18/2011)

MetroWest Daily News: Former governor Paul Cellucci talks about ALS diagnosis (5/18/2011)

Worcester Business Journal: UMass Could Get Millions For ALS Fight (5/18/2011)

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Cellucci aims to raise funds for ALS research at UMass (5/18/2011)