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Cellucci Fund News

Please note: On Sept. 7, 2021, UMass Medical School became UMass Chan Medical School, thanks to a history-making gift from The Morningside Foundation. Any news items or press releases featured here that were issued prior to that date reference the school's original name.

Press Releases

Champion Fund renamed to honor Paul Cellucci (4/08/2014)

Biogen Idec announces major gift to UMass ALS Champion Fund (3/15/2012)

Announcement Press Release (5/18/2011)


UMass Chan News: Science for Living: Neurology chair and VA neurology chief, A.M. Barrett, highlights veterans’ link to ALS (11/8/2023)

UMass Chan News: Boston Marathon fitting tribute for families touched by ALS (4/3/2023)

UMass Chan News: Boston Marathon runners raise thousands for UMass Chan ALS research (4/5/2022)

UMass Chan News: Motor neuron toxin associated with ALS identified by UMass Chan investigators (3/10/2022)

UMass Chan News: UMass alumni Dan and Diane Riccio pledge $15 million to advance ALS, neuroscience research (02/03/2022)

UMass Chan News: UMass Chan clinical trial shows antisense oligonucleotide safely suppresses mutant ALS gene in pilot human study (12/23/2021)

UMass Chan News: FDA clears investigational new drug application for ALS gene therapy candidate (04/21/2021)

UMass Chan News: Silencing of an ALS gene safely delivered to patients in UMass Medical School study (07/08/2020)

UMass Chan News: ALS Phase II clinical trial led by Robert Brown shows treatment is safe, well tolerated (11/21/2019)

UMass Chan News: Potential drug targets for ALS and FTD identified in two Fen-Biao Gao studies (05/14/2019)

Boston Globe: Jan Cellucci keeps Paul Cellucci’s memory alive by fighting his killer, ALS (07/14/2018)

Boston Globe: Trials for potential ALS treatment spark cautious hope (04/05/2018)

Dr. Brown collaboration with Wave Life Sciences develops promising therapy (from ALS News Today story 12/19/2017)

ALS News Today: Wave Life Sciences Therapy Reduces Levels of ALS Markers, Animal Studies Show (12/19/2017)

Riccios intensify support for ALS, neuroscience research at UMMS (10/03/2017)

Governor Paul Cellucci Chair in Neuroscience Research established (04/12/2017)

Boston Globe: ALS continues to ravage lives, but hope for a cure endures (10/14/2016)

UMass Chan News: Substantial progress being made in ALS research at UMMS (07/30/2015)

UMass Chan News: Gov. Cellucci Tribute Road Race brings hundreds out to support ALS research at UMass Medical School (07/27/2015)

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: 'Pivotal' research on ALS being done at UMass Medical School (07/23/2015)

NECN: Ice bucket challenge: One year later (07/23/2015)

UMass Chan News: Second annual Governor Cellucci Tribute Road Race is July 25 (05/11/2015)

NECN: Hundreds Lace Up for Gov. Paul Cellucci Tribute Road Race (08/02/2014)

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics (previously published in Wall Street Journal): BrainStorm Announces that UMass Memorial Medical Center to Begin Enrolling Patients in Phase 2 ALS Clinical Trial (07/15/2014)

UMass Chan News: FDA approves Phase II clinical trial for ALS at UMMS (04/28/2014)

UMass Chan News: New lecture series honors Governor Cellucci (03/22/2013)

WCVB NewsCenter 5: Former Gov. Celluci opens up about ALS (02/04/2013)

UMass Chan News: Research shows ALS may be treatable using neural stem cells (12/19/2012)

WBZ Radio, NightSide with Dan Rea: Gov. Paul Cellucci and Michael Collins talk about ALS (10/1/2012)

Worcester Magazine: Hunting a deadly disease (9/19/2012)

Boston Herald: Docs make ALS breakthrough (8/31/2012) 

UMass Chan News: Discovery points to new pathways, potential treatment for ALS (8/28/2012) UMMS scientists identify new genetic mutation that causes familial ALS (7/16/2012)

WBUR: Former Gov. Cellucci On His Political Career And Living With ALS (7/10/2012)

WBZ-TV Boston: After Diagnosis, Cellucci Aiming To Help Raise Millions For ALS Research (5/15/2012)

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Former Gov. Paul Cellucci is in toughest contest of his life (5/13/2012)

Boston Globe: UMass Medical quietly gaining star quality (5/04/2012)

WBUR: The Talk Turns to Romney’s Chances at Cellucci Fund-Raiser for ALS (3/16/2012)

Milford Daily News: Hudson's Cellucci discusses work raising money for ALS research (6/28/2012)

UMass Chan News: Boston Marathon runners train in support of ALS research (2/9/2012)

WGBH News: An interview with Paul Cellucci (1/25/2012)

Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Cellucci in push for funding (12/20/2011)

Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Cellucci joins fight (12/19/2011)

Boston Chronicle: The Campaign of His Life (video 5/18/2011)

MetroWest Daily News: Former governor Paul Cellucci talks about ALS diagnosis (5/18/2011)

Worcester Business Journal: UMass Could Get Millions For ALS Fight (5/18/2011)

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Cellucci aims to raise funds for ALS research at UMass (5/18/2011)