The University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) was founded by proclamation of the governor and an act of the legislature to meet the health care needs of the residents of the Commonwealth. Its mission is to advance the health and well-being of the people of the common- wealth and the world through pioneering education, research and health care delivery with its partner, UMass Memorial Health Care. UMMS is one of five campuses that make up the University of Massachusetts.

A local, regional and statewide health resource, UMMS comprises the School of Medicine, opened in 1970; the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, opened in 1979; and the Graduate School of Nursing, opened in 1986. UMMS also offers dynamic graduate medical education and continuing medical education programs.

Beyond fulfilling its core missions of health sciences education and public service, UMMS is a major center for biomedical research. With major funding from the $1 billion Massachusetts Life Sciences Bill signed into law in 2008, UMMS research programs are central to the Massachusetts Life Sciences Initiative. Federal and private research grants and contracts reached more than $200 million in fiscal year 2009, making UMMS one of the fastest-growing research institutions in the country. In 2006, UMMS professor Craig C. Mello, PhD, and his colleague Andrew Fire, PhD, of Stanford University, were awarded The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine by the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute for their discoveries related to RNA interference. First published in Nature in 1998, their research demonstrated that a particular form of ribonucleic acid or RNA–the cellular material responsible for the transmission of genetic information–can silence targeted genes. This RNAi process offers astounding potential for understanding and manipulating the cellular basis of human disease.

For the 125 students enrolled in each class, the School of Medicine is committed to providing our students with an accessible, comprehensive and personally rewarding medical education which prepares them to excel as tomorrow’s physicians.

UMMS, located in Worcester, is one of five University of Massachusetts campuses. The three graduate schools located on this campus are:

The educational mission is enhanced by 45 accredited residency and fellowship programs, some 100 continuing education programs for the region's health care professionals, cooperative degree programs with area colleges and universities, and community-based education programs emphasizing ambulatory care and the needs of underserved communities and populations.