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Limited Submissions

Limited Submissions are extramural funding opportunities that either limit the number of applications UMass Chan may put forward to a given sponsor or require internal coordination for the selection of applicants.

The Office of Research is responsible for the dissemination of these opportunities and management of the limited submission process and selection of applicants.

 Limited Submissions

Limited Submission Steering Committee

The Limited Submission process is overseen by the Limited Submissions Steering Committee (LSSC) . The LSSC is sponsored by the Office of Research.

The LSSC is comprised of:

  • Jean A. King, Ph.D., Advisory Committee Chair, Associate Provost for Biomedical Science Research
  • Katherine Luzuriaga, MD, Vice Provost for Clinical and Translational Research
  • Thoru Pederson, Ph.D., Associate Vice Provost for Research

The LSSC will select UMass Chan researchers with relevant scientific backgrounds to review internal applications and will facilitate the selection and notification process.

Limited Submission Process

  1. UMass Chan receives an invitation from a private foundation to submit nominees, a federal funding opportunity becomes available or a limited submission opportunity is forwarded to the Office of Research.
  2. The opportunity is announced to the campus via email and applications are invited.  A list of all current Limited Submission opportunities is also maintained on the Office of Research website.
  3. All applications are due by 5pm on the internal due date, unless stated otherwise in the announcement.
  4. Under the direction of the LSSC, reviewers will be asked to review the applications.
  5. Each application will be reviewed and scored by at least three reviewers, and a nominee will be invited to move forward with a full application.
  6. The LSSC coordinates with UMass Chan's Office of Development and the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences to provide additional support for nominees for certain opportunities. Nominees will be notified when this support is available.
  7. Upon notification, the nominee will then work with Research Funding Services to ensure the application is submitted to the sponsor by the application due date. 

Procedures to Note

If you have reason to believe a competition you are interested in is limited, and you do not see it on this list, please contact us at This process is critical because extra submissions can result in the rejection of all UMass Chan submissions to a sponsor.

You are still required to go through the limited submission process even if you identify a limited opportunity on your own and not through UMass Chan. In this scenario, please forward the opportunity to to initiate the process.

In addition, we recommend that all investigators create accounts in Community of Science/Pivot to generate targeted funding searches for their specific research interests. To learn more about COS/ Pivot and other funding sources, click here.


Karen Gardiner serves as the primary contact for general inquiries about the limited submission process. For more information contact Karen at 508-856-2119 or via email at