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Services Offered

QMC faculty and staff provide expertise and support for the following services:

  1. Clinical Study Design: 
    • Assistance designing the following types of studies:
      • General medical studies
      • Clinical trials (Phase I - IV)
      • Preclinical trials
      • Quasi-experimental designs
      • Retrospective/prospective studies
      • Group - randomized designs
    • Provide sample size and power calculations
    • Provide randomization procedures
    • Write statistical methods sections for funding applications, including plans for interim reviews and final analysis
    • Click here for a grant consultation
  2. Health Services Research Study Design: 
    • Assistance with resources available for conducting Health Services and Health Outcomes Research, such as
      • Claims data (Medicaid, Medicare)
      • Large survey databases (NHANES, BRFSS)
      • Click here for a consultation
  3. Database Design and Management
    • Assistance creating databases
    • Collaborate with Research Informatics Core (RIC) to obtain and analyze high-dimensional data from EPIC and other sources
    • Data collection
    • Data management
    • Data Quality Control
    • REDCap project design
    • Click here for a consultation
  4. Statistical Analysis
    • Statistical modeling
    • Data analysis
    • Prepare reports and publications
    • Click here for a consultation

For questions about the services listed above, or any other services,  contact us:

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