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Administrative Staff

  • Sarah Yeboah

    Senior Administration/Department Head

    Email:       Location: AS7.1071       Phone: 508-856-4580

  • Kellie Armstrong

    Executive Assistant to the Chair and Vice Chair

    Email:     Location: AS7.1077     Phone: 774-455-4675

  • Lexus Asibey

    Lexus Asibey

    Administrative Assistant

    Email:     Location: AS9.1086     Phone: 508-856-2316

  • Elayn Byron

    Academic Administrator

    Email:     Location: AS7.1059     Phone: 508-856-2446

  • Sharon Holden

    Sharon Holden

    Grants and Contracts Specialist

    Email:     Location: AS7.1062     Phone: 508-856-8961

  • Sara Mazzola

    Academic Administrator

    Email:      Location: AS7.1069     Phone: 774-455-3963

  • Carla McDonald

    Carla McDonald

    Administrative Assistant

    Email:     Location: AS8.1086     Phone: 508-856-8924

  • Mary McNally

    Mary McNally

    Grants and Contracts Specialist

    Email:     Location: AS7.1076     Phone: 508-856-3528

  • Supriya Puranik

    Supriya Puranik

    Academic Administrator

    Email:      Location: AS7.1061     Phone: 508-856-3247

  • Judi Saber

    Judi Saber

    Executive Assistant

    Email:      Location: AS7.1078     Phone: 508-856-8998

  • Cameron Sheary

    Grants and Contracts Specialist

    Email:     Location: AS7.1074     Phone: 508-856-7821

  • Sandy Stankus

    Sandy Stankus

    Business Operations Analyst

    Email:     Location: AS7.1086     Phone: 508-856-8972