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Measurement, Outcome, & Design Section (MODS)


Brief Description:

The MODS (Measurement, Outcome, & Design Section) focuses on 1) professional assessment, refinement, and development of Measures and  Outcomes, and 2) the novel study Design in quantitative health sciences.


To promote the effectiveness, rigor, and reproducibility of quantitative health science research through 1) professional assessment, refinement, and development of measures and outcomes, and 2) novel study design. Currently, we offer 

  • Collaborations on peer-reviewed articles related to Measurement, Outcome & Design;
  • Collaborations on (NIH) grant applications related to Measurement, Outcome & Design



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Chengwu Yang, MD, MS, PhD Associate Professor

Trained in Medicine, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Psychometrics, Dr. Yang is an interdisciplinary health science investigator. In the first 20 years of his career, Dr. Yang was primarily a collaborative scientist, collaborating with clinicians across wide disciplines in hospitals, medical and dental schools in China, Europe, and the U.S. Realizing the importance of valid, reliable, and precise measures and outcomes, since 2013, Dr. Yang has devoted more efforts towards self-initiated research, primarily on professional development and assessment of measures, outcomes, and scales. Currently at UMass Chan, Dr. Yang is focusing on 1) Measurement in Health (MIH), as the Founding Director of the MODS; 2) Novel Study Design, as the originator of the CREID [Complementary Randomized controlled trial and real-world study for Efficacy, effectiveness, or Implementation Design. SCT (Society for Clinical Trials) 2022 & APHA (American Public Health Association) 2022] and the SCTD (Seamless Case-Control, Cohort, and Randomized Controlled Trials Design. SCT 2023), and 3) Oral Health, as the originator and organizer of the OHI (Oral Health Incubator) and the NUCOH (NYU-UMass Collaboration in Oral Health). As a Methodologist, Dr. Yang has also developed or refined multiple popular outcome measures and scales since 2006. As an Educator, he has been teaching Biostatistics, Clinical Trials, Survey, Scientific Writing, and Systematic Review and Meta Analysis to medical, dental, and graduate students and professionals in China and the U.S. since 1998. As an Editor, he has been serving as the Section, Statistical, Associate Editor, and International Advisor for four journals. Currently, Dr. Yang is recruiting investigators to join the MOS.

Julie Flahive, MS
Senior Biostatistician and Psychometrician 

Julie joined the department of Population & Quantitative Health Sciences at UMASS Chan Medical School in Oct. 2016.  She has worked at UMASS Chan Medical School since July 2009.  She earned MS degrees in Statistics and Biostatistics and UMASS Amherst in 2005 and 2007.  As a biostatistician at UMASS Chan Medical School, she has collaborated with researchers to manage data and analyze it in many different data settings.  From longitudinal observational studies to Medicare and MassHealth claims data, she has experience with both large and small datasets and simple to complex data collection.  In terms of statistical analysis, she is familiar with survival analysis, logistic regression, linear regression, and structural equation modeling and factor analysis.  The majority of the analysis she does using SAS, SPSS, and Mplus software.  The favorite parts of her job are working with interesting PI’s and collaborators to solve interesting problems in diverse areas of medical research and always learning new techniques for data management and analysis.