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Diversity Action Committee (DAC)

  • Charged with planning and programming of diversity and inclusion activities for the department to establish and improve the climate.

  • Membership
    • Volunteers from across department
    • Roughly equal representation from all sectors (5 students, 7 staff, 5 faculty)

  • Committee Initial Recommendations
    • Develop PQHS Diversity and Inclusion Statement
    • Add inclusion to guiding documents
    • Broaden guiding documents to focus more on students and staff
    • Replace deficit-based language in guiding documents
    • Obtain external review of guiding documents

Diversity Action Committee Members

  • Sharina Person, Committee Chair, Professor and PQHS Vice Chair

  • Esther Boama-Nyarko, Graduate Student GSBS

  • Katarina Ferrucci, PhD Student, CPHR

  • Carly Herbert, Graduate Student GSBS

  • Grace Masters, Graduate Student MD PhD CPHR

  • Yiyang Yuan, CPHR Student

  • Tammy Falla, Executive Assistant for Diversity Action Committee

  • Amy Borg, Project Director II

  • Jessica Wijesundara, Program Director I
  • Germán Chiriboga, Program Director I

  • Julie Flahive, Biostatistician III

  • Yurima Guilarte-Walker, Senior Development Engineer

  • Ariana Kamberi, Research Project Director

  • Jyothi Pendharkar, Research Project Director

  • Eric Mick, Associate Professor

  • Barbara Olendzki, Professor

  • Milagros Rosal, Professor and Vice Provost for Health Equity

  • Rob Goldberg, Professor Emeritus