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The mission of UMass Med, the Medical School’s magazine, is to inform, engage and educate readers and, in doing so, connect our audience to UMass Medical School and one another. A colorful, dynamic and modern design reflects the exciting work of the many members of the UMMS community. Click the image to the left to view the current issue. PDFs of past issues of UMass Medical School magazines are available here.



Focus, news of UMass Medical School 



An internal newsletter published monthly that covered institutional news and events, faculty, staff and student achievements and new initiatives. Beginning with Volume 12, Issue 1 (August 2009), Focus became a Web-based newsletter and was no longer printed. Volume 13, Issue 1 (August 2010) was the last monthly edition of Focus. To read archived issues, go to:


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UMass Medical School establishes term chairs to support junior faculty

UMass Medical School establishes term chairs to support junior faculty

The George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation and The Glass Charitable Foundation are establishing five-year term chairs for three junior faculty in diabetes research at UMass Medical School. Laura Alonso, MD, Michael Brehm, PhD, and Rene Maehr, PhD, will each receive $300,000 over five years. 

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