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CJ Hill, Clinical Research Coordinator

Date Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2024

CJ Hill, Clinical Research CoordinatorCJ Hill is a Clinical Research Coordinator supporting a variety of neurology divisions, such as Neurocritical Care, Epilepsy, Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders divisions for close to a year. He works closely with clinical patients electing to participate in research studies. CJ’s role includes facilitating the consent and collection of pertinent information, managing the regulatory documentation for each respective study, and helping physicians who are carrying out their study reviews and analyzing data.  

CJ was raised in New Jersey before moving to Sturbridge MA. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Worcester State University in 2022. CJ’s professional experience has developed from being a department manager at McDonalds, a behavioral therapist working with children on the autism spectrum, to teaching guitar lessons at a local music shop on the weekends.

CJ’s study in psychology trained him to look more deeply into consciousness and behavior, which is one of the reasons he works in neurology. His desire to continue learning and to strengthen his skills in the world of medicine has inspired him to work on his pre-requisites for medical school. CJ is open to a variety of specialties within neurology; he wants an MD in the future, yet he has not defined a medical specialty yet. Since working as a clinical research coordinator, CJ has gained critical thinking skills on medical-based research topics. He has also gained additional insight into the functionality and responsibilities of a research team and the amount of effort needed to accumulate proper data.  

CJ shares, “I find being able to contribute to a patient’s time on a clinical research level to be extremely rewarding. I am also appreciative of the amount of constructive criticism and knowledge I receive from my supervisors. They allow me to contribute to discussions as a colleague and help build my capabilities to become prepared for my future goals. 

CJ is also a licensed scuba diver and an avid deep-sea fisher. On his last trip, he caught a 150-pound blue-fin tuna.