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2024 Chief Residents

Thank you for a great year!

Date Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2024

pictured in photo: Molly Wilner, DO, Nasim Cheraghi, MD, Kendall Presti, MD

  • Molly Wilner, DO

    Molly Wilner, DO, Chief Resident of Neurology Residency program for 2023-2024 school year. The role included academic scheduling for residency lectures and simulations, peer mediation, teaching, and problem solving for the inpatient services. 

    Molly joined the UMass Chan residency program in 2020. Originally from Fairfield Connecticut, Molly attended Brandeis University, working in the Griffith Lab; University College in London, working in the Affective Brain Lab, and medical school at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in Harlem, NYC, NY. Molly also brings experience working at Seattle’s Children’s Research Institute, in the social media and adolescent health research team (SMAHRT). 

    Molly shares, “My interest in patient education, reproductive health, and my desire to help patients maintain their independence and physical abilities lead me to pursue a career in neuroimmunology. I am hoping to continue to teach residents and medical students and expand the use of holistic care for patients with neuroimmunology diseases.”  

    Molly plans to pursue her research and clinical interests in neuroimmunology, wellness/mindfulness, patient education. She is participating in the UMass Neuroimmunology Fellowship program and Digital Medicine between 2024 – 2026. 

    When Molly is not supporting clinical patient care, she enjoys going to concerts and live performances. Her favorite summer activity includes kayaking on Lake Quinsigamond. 

  • Nasim Cheraghi, MD

    Nasim Cheraghi, MD, Chief Resident of Neurology Residency program for the 2023-2024 school year, is from western Massachusetts, in the town of Wilbraham. Nasim has been a part of the UMass family for the past eight years beginning at UMass Amherst with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, UMass Chan Medical School, and training as a neurology resident.  

    As a Chief resident, Nasim leads the neurology residents by scheduling a well-rounded experience in neurology training, and helped to create a supportive, educational, and fun environment for residents to become well-rounded, competent, and confident neurologists. Nasim learned the importance of establishing an effective work environment includes being supportive of teammates, providing constructive criticism, reflection of her own skills and knowledge, and having a positive attitude in the work.  

    Working as a Chief resident is a challenging role; however, many aspects make the job rewarding. Nasim shares, “Specifically, I enjoy being someone who others look up to and seek guidance from. It is fulfilling to reflect on my own experiences and knowledge in my residency training to help guide those following a similar path.” 

    Nasim’s neurology experience has led her to pursue a fellowship in Movement Disorders and to primarily with an elderly population, with a goal of becoming a clinical educator in an academic setting.  

    Outside of the clinical setting, Nasim enjoys hosting parties and sharing home cooked Persian food with family, friends, and colleagues, or getting takeout and watching fantasy films and stories, such as Lord of the Rings.  

  • Kendall Presti, MD

    Kendall Presti, MD, Chief Resident of Neurology’s Residency program for the 2023-2024 school year is from the Worcester area. She spent four years at Holy Cross before moving to Westchester NY, for medical school at New York Medical College. Kendall has been at UMass Chan for the past four years and will be participating in the Neurocritical Care fellowship program beginning this summer for additional training in the neuro ICU. 

    Kendall’s experience as a Chief Resident included supporting the residents while improving her leadership and teaching skills, supporting residents with personal and professional concerns, interfacing with superiors, and refining public speaking skills. The most rewarding part of being a Chief Resident was watching the residents grow throughout the year.  

    Before starting medical school, Kendall spent two years in neuropsychiatric basic science at McLean Hospital. She enjoys acute care, procedures, and palliative aspects of medicine. Kendall’s interests in teaching medical students their preclinical years and giving lectures to other departments led her to run for chief by sharing, “My main goals have always been to be a strong clinician first and foremost, as well as an educator.” 

    Kendall enjoys spending time outside and plans to ski out west and hike in Yosemite and around Amalfi this year.