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Interfaith Gathering

Date Posted: Monday, April 08, 2024

Members of UMass Memorial Health, UMass Chan Medical School, Departments of Neurology, Geriatrics, and UMMH Pastoral Care attended an Interfaith Iftar dinner at Worcester Islamic Center on Thursday 4/4/24. 

They were invited by, Dr Muhammad Ramzan, Board Member and Director of Worcester Islamic Center Social Services (WICSS). The event is held annually during Ramadan when Muslims gather with family and friends at the end of the day to break their fast. The main purpose of the gathering was to create a better understanding between people from different faiths and walks of life to promote love, tolerance, and peace.

Those in attendance from Left to Right include: 

Interfaith Gathering hosted by Muhammad Ramzan, MDPicture 1: Muhammad Khurram Afzal, Muhammad Ramzan, Brian Silver, Mustafa Donmez, Uzair Khalid, AM Barrett, Mirret Elhagrassy, Joan Puglia, Muhammed Gunduz


Interfaith Gathering participants from UMassPicture 2: Muhammad Khurram Afzal, Muhammad Ramzan, Mustafa Donmez, Sarah McGee, Brian Silver, Lenka Drahoradova, AM Barrett, Muhammed Gunduz, Anila Medina, Linda Pellegrini, Kye Flannery, Zahra Sheikh, Sher Bano, Mirret Elhagrassy, Joan Puglia, Uzair Khalid with his little son!!