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Shravan Sivakumar, MD

Date Posted: Thursday, May 02, 2024

Shravan Sivakumar, MDShravan Sivakumar, MD, is completing his residency program in the Department of Neurology. Shravan completed his medical school training in Chennai, India, and a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). He was drawn to the United States due to the emphasis on research and evidence-based practices. Shravan’s research background is centered on cerebrovascular disease monitoring, particularly in exploring the feasibility of non-invasive detection of cortical spreading depolarizations, which he focused on during his research fellowship year at MGH. Shravan shares, “UMass Chan has provided me with numerous opportunities to engage in research projects in intracranial hemorrhage and in shared decision making within the neuro ICU. The mentors I've had here have played a pivotal role in shaping my career trajectory and fostering a collaborative environment. Professionally, my experiences at UMass Chan in the neurology department have been incredibly formative and have contributed significantly to my growth as a well-rounded neurologist, equipping me with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in my career.” 

Shravan will be heading to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to pursue fellowship training in Vascular Neurology. His overarching goal is to contribute to the fields of vascular neurology and neurocritical care, leveraging both research acumen and clinical expertise to enhance patient care and outcomes.