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Our research focuses on vascular development and we use the zebrafish as a model system for our studies

Recent Publications

Quillien, A., Abdalla, M., Yu J., Zhu, L. J., and Lawson, N. D. (2017) Robust identification of developmentally active endothelial enhancers in zebrafish using FANS-assisted ATAC-Seq. Cell Reports, 20:709-720.

Lawson, N. D. (2016) Reverse genetics in zebrafish: mutants, morpholinos and moving forward. [opinion] Trends in Cell Biology, 26:77-9. PMID: 26739910

Shin, M., Quillien, A., Male, I., and Lawson, N. D. (2016) Vegfa signals through ERK to induce angiogenesis, but not arterial endothelial differentiation. Development, 143:3796-3805. 

Shin, M., Male, I., Beane, T. J., Villefranc, J. A., Kok, F. O., Zhu, L. J., and Lawson, N. D. (2016) Vegfc acts through ERK to induce sprouting and differentiation of lymphatic progenitors.  Development, 143:3785-3795. 

Kok et al. (2015) Reverse genetic screening reveals poor correlation between Morpholino-induced and mutant phenotypes in zebrafish. Developmental Cell, 32:97-108.

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